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Proverbs 6:6

Proverbs 6:6  Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.

Now I am not implying that anyone is a sluggard but I do know that we all feeling sluggish once in awhile. So I see three action words in this verse. Go which implies movement and effort, consider or think about in this case the way of the ant ( Which is God’s design way ) and then be wise or learn from the ant and do the right thing. The ant is a worker it carries more than we think it should be able to bare. But they still get there rest! A worker ant will sleep around 250 times a day. It is only a minute of sleep but it rejuvenates them so they can keep going. We can learn form the ant to work hard but also to take breaks when we need them so that we can keep on doing God’s will for our lives here on earth.

Remember You are Loved!


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